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My Love for Feel-Good Movies

Given the chance, I will just keep on watching feel-good romantic comedy movies. The reason is that primarily, they make me feel good. I don’t like action films or heavy drama because these weigh me down. I already have enough problems in my life. LOL

I can easily identify with what i watch so instead, I would love to watch those movies with young actors and actresses finding love, having a conflict, and going back together again, with their love being sweeter the second time around.

I also love those with bohemian themes set in Europe where there are artworks, vintage clothes and bell jars for sale.

I especially love the upbeat yet sentimental music. Sigh…I do wish hubby and I watch a good movie tonight and just feel good before we sleep. That would be a stark contrast to the Law and Order SVU that we usually watch before bedtime. Most of the time, we end up troubled! LOL

Entertainment for Couples

When you are already married, you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate your other half. That includes your daily routine, your household tasks, and of course, your choices for entertainment.

Since you are two different people, it is more likely than not that you have different ideas for something entertaining. It is like a ‘He said-She said’ issue. And the matter here is to compromise in order to make both parties happy. After all, what makes marriage fulfilling is the give and take relationship that couples share. If only one takes and takes and the other one just gives and gives, the relationship can get tiring and worse, abusive.

For example, the wife likes watching romantic comedy films, reading, baking, sewing, swimming, going to the spa, or going on a picnic in the park. Meanwhile, the husband may prefer watching sports shows, gardening, tinkering in the work shed, assembling toys, playing poker insider with friends, or shooting some baskets.

With that for sure, both parties can find something that they can do together. The wife, for instance, can arrange a poker party at home so that the husbands can play with their wives. Or the wives can just come over in order to support their husbands or they can have ‘girl talk’ while the men play. Or the husband can join his wife when she wants to watch a romantic-comedy movie. It is really just a matter of talking it out and doing something together. Well, yes, it entails some creativity, but you can always work on it.

Marriage is something that we should work on more than our careers or money. And since entertainment is one aspect that is usually fought over, then we should really make compromises on this one in order to lessen the arguments in the marriage. It will also forge a stronger bond between the husband and wife.