Actors Who Can Sing and Dance

There are many actors that I really admire because of their acting talent. But sometimes, you find out that there is something more to them and you couldn’t get more thrilled! For example, they can be good singers, dancers, or they can play certain instruments. Then I would be really impressed.

Take for example Hugh Jackman. Ohhhh I am such a huge fan of the embodiment of X-Men’s Wolverine. Add to that that he is a loyal and faithful husband to a much older wife, so that is why I am so impressed by him. In contrast to many men in general, Hugh Jackman is one of a kind. And eventually, I also learned that he can not only sing in musical theater—he can dance as well! I so love this guy!

I am not sure thought if he can play a guitar or any other instrument. If he does, then well, he is no longer mere human—he must be a—no, not god….mutant! haha A real X Men. Truly one of a kind.

But I think that aside from his performing arts skills, most of Jackman’s appeal to many women all over the world is the fact that he is faithful. I have read comments in online articles about him that women find him sexy because he is faithful. I am not sure if they are referring to the fact that they can never have him or the fact that he is just that–loyal to his wife. I love the second idea. I am a believer of the sanctity of marriage and for an A-list celeb to be like that despite living in a world that promotes promiscuity, then that is really a feather in his cap.

Well, I do would like to see him play an exceptional olympus ls-100 at guitar center for that matter.

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