DIY Invitations for Our Mermaid Birthday Party

G.P. — Dindin recently celebrated her fifth birthday party in school. And as such, we needed party invitations.

The theme of her party was Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. So naturally, Dindin was Merliah. I just made the invitations using Adobe Photoshop and had copies printed in a print shop. Well, it is not like products, but well it has served its purpose.

The big girl is just so happy to be a mermaid during her birthday. hehe We did not have to make elaboration preparations for her party. That’s all there is to it.

Let It Go

G.P. — Recently, I went through a tough time. I felt so betrayed by a good friend that is why it was really painful.

While nursing the hurt, my younger daughter Shane and I went with Papa and Shawna to her ballet practice. On the way home, Shawna watched videos on the iPad and she kept on playing a certain cover for the song “Let It Go” from the animated movie, Frozen.

While in the car, I belted out to the song with matching hand gestures and facial expressions that the people outside would have sworn that they saw a lunatic in the yellow car. haha

Well, they couldn’t hear me and the music playing, even though it came from kurzweil digital pianos at guitar center, so they can think what they want to think. LOL

That was the release I needed–through a song. I badly needed it. And true enough, I let it go.

Thrilled About Covert Affairs Season 4

Annie Walker and Henry Wilcox. Screen capture from the internet.

Okay, I am delayed. The season 4 of Covert Affairs starring Piper Perabo has long ended but we just don’t have the time to watch it.

So instead, hubby has downloaded the complete set of episodes and we just watch them at our convenient time using the iPad and ear phones. Imagine that. haha And we get back aches after doing so because we are trying to compromise our postures while watching with our baby in between. LOL Well, we do that just to be able to watch the show.

Covert Affairs is getting really exciting. The episodes are action-packed and well, people are dying. We have two more episodes left before the season ends and I hope that we can watch them both tonight. Oh, I hope I will be able to finish my tasks fast and that Dindin will go to sleep already. We cannot watch if one child is still awake.

A supposedly dead Annie Walker during a clandestine meeting with former superior Calder Michaels.

Anyway, while I know how the season ends and I am also excited with season 5, I still would want to watch the rest of the episodes. I couldn’t wait, so I looked up the spoilers online. Nevertheless, that did not ruin my appetite. The spoilers just make me less nervous because I find the scenes suspenseful. hihi

So excited for Season 5. I wonder what’s in store for the characters of Annie, Auggie, Joan, Arthur, and Calder? Especially that Joan has given birth to her and Arthur’s son. And I really hope that Henry is gone for good. I have seen enough of him. And hopefully, no more returning as a ghost in the future.

Oh my, as of this writing, I am still hearing my daughter talk. Please please oh please…go to sleep now. buhuhu

Auggie accompanies Joan when she lost consciousness in the office.