Fashionable Magnetic Bracelets

G.P. — I like magnetic bracelets because I have read that they have health benefits. Many people I know also swear about its therapeutic powers or something. And I would really like to own one except that they are also expensive.

Recently, I have seen some of them and they have become really fashionable. Oh, how I would want to have a magnetic bracelet.

However, it is not a priority now. So maybe next time when the budget allows it. I hope it can take care of the numbness of my arms and fingers as I know it is good for joint health.

Fake Hair in Movies

G.P. — I have seen many actors wear wigs in movies because their characters call for it. That should be fine, right? My problem is when the wig becomes so obvious.

Yeah, you will really know if they are wearing wigs. Maybe they are not wearing revlon wigs? It is really awkward.

But there are really those whose fake hair are nicely done that you would think they have bigger budget? tsk tsk

DIY Invitations for Our Mermaid Birthday Party

G.P. — Dindin recently celebrated her fifth birthday party in school. And as such, we needed party invitations.

The theme of her party was Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. So naturally, Dindin was Merliah. I just made the invitations using Adobe Photoshop and had copies printed in a print shop. Well, it is not like products, but well it has served its purpose.

The big girl is just so happy to be a mermaid during her birthday. hehe We did not have to make elaboration preparations for her party. That’s all there is to it.