Headphones for the Noob

G.P. – Many musicians who are just starting out could not afford to the best and the latest state of the art equipment. After all, not everyone is born into a privileged family.

But they should not be frustrated because they would be surprised that there are actually good quality equipment like headphones that are affordable for the newbies. You can click here and find out more about the products.

For Your New Bose

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So don’t let anything hinder you from making music. Visit the site today and avail of their many promos, too.

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Late Night Marathons

Hubby and I sometimes have difficulty sleeping. So in order to be able lull ourselves to sleep, we watch TV shows that he has downloaded from the internet.

Sometimes, we watch anywhere from two to five shows in one night. Thankfully, there are no commercial breaks so we get to watch more show in less time. Consider that as a sleep help.

The problem, however, is when we get too engrossed in what we are watching that we find it appalling to stop watching. haha So we keep going and end up sleeping around 2:30 or 3 in the morning. But well, we enjoy it, so keri lang. The problem is waking up the next working day. haha